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The Way of the Humble Photographer

February 18th, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Is the gift of Humility a good thing for a photographer? How about the gift of Patience?
Nowadays we live in an even more opinionated world, where everybody has a different point of view, a different standard of what's right, what's wrong, what's too much, what's too little, so surely this question will spark an argument amongst fellow photographers. I tell you what though, too much of a good thing is no bueno; the same fact applies to too little of it.

I am writing this for the fact that many a times I have been questioned by other photographers on my methods, (this happens while I am out in the field and there are other shutterbugs nearby.) It is seldom that someone will approach me to introduce themselves and appear genuinely interested in learning from one another. Examples of these interactions are:
- So, are you shooting RAW? Make sure you are shooting raw!
- What settings are you using? I am using this and that.
- These are the images I shot last night. (5 minutes of browsing on the LCD.)
- Are you using a tripod? (Hellooo, don't you see it?)
- Are you bracketing for HDR?! (Heavens, NO!)

After months of the same happening to me, I started to see a pattern and it is the following: now, I could be totally wrong, so I will not state it matter-of-factly: All these questions SEEM to be made by amateurs, not people that are secure in their craft. But it often SEEMS that the amateurs are the ones with the biggest egos and the less humility.
I have to add that it is daily in my prayers that I ask God for Patience and Humility, so you must know that I answer all the questions posed graciously. I am truly interested in seeing other people's work and their methods; if they show me I'll see, if the ask me, I'll answer. We can ALWAYS learn from each other, especially if some of us know that the Master can learn from the Apprentice. As creative people, we want, we desire to show what we have created, but that's the hardest thing to do, to make people want to see our creations without appearing selfish or pushy. For now I will leave you with these thoughts...let me know what you think...